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Platform Essentials
Platforms are driving engagement in the digital economy—but to build value, they must be designed with consumers’ evolving needs at their core. Achieve scale and growth with essentials every platform must have in order to sustain relevance.
Developer Platforms
To stand out from the competition, companies must keep their developer ecosystems committed to their success. That means articulating the value proposition of developer platforms. And designing, launching and managing scalable operations that bring that value proposition to life.
Advertising Platforms
sophisticated digital marketers know effective campaigns are backed by robust analytics and begin with the consumer journey in mind. Beyond the obvious price to play as a viable advertising platform lies effectiveness, adoption, expansion and operational efficiency—factors that could either inhibit or boost your platform’s overall profitability.
Commerce Platforms
Demand for frictionless experiences is extending deeper and deeper into commerce from finding the right products, to the payments process, and speed and ease of delivery. And new technologies like digital voice assistants and blockchain are opening new opportunities for commerce every day. It’s time to evolve the commerce experience and expand what users are purchasing on your platform with seamless, personalized and convenient new products and services.
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