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PrimeSophic delivers innovative business and technology solutions that enable you to gain agility in new product development, manage costs in business operations and derive insight from performance data, helping you meet the needs of customers today and tomorrow.


Service Offerings

IT Managed Services

  • Application Development and Maintenance: PrimeSophic offers scalable, agile, and proven application development and maintenance frameworks. The solution offerings include:
  • Rationalizing and modernizing legacy systems and creating an agile IT framework which enables telecom providers to digitally transform, compete, and respond to changing business environments and evolving customer needs
  • Retiring and maintaining legacy applications
  • Reducing time-to-market and complexity throughout the application development cycle through DevOps, proprietary IP, best of breed 3rd party tools, open source technologies, and automation
  • Significantly reducing maintenance costs through the deployment of platforms and automation
  • Shrinking time-to-market by continuously combining development and operations to meet changing consumer needs
  • Reduction in inventory costs leveraged by services around spends analytics and forecasting

Digital Assurance

Digital assurance has become critical in the Telecom industry due to factors including rapid advancements in the mobile application landscape, DevOps, the evolution of smartphones and the integration of partner products and services with traditional communication services.

Delivery of our services is driven by ‘Automation First’ principle right from test creation to implementation cycles, backed by our own IP platform ‘Digitest’ (our Digital Testing Solution that provides end-to-end validation from Big Data to insights) and ‘iD2E Automation’ (our Integrated Design2Execution (iD2E) platform that automates the entire testing lifecycle). We leverage our broad and deep experience of COTS products to deliver digital assurance services across applications, mobile testing and agile implementations.


Infrastructure Management Services

The Telecom industry is evolving towards software-based agile infrastructure with programmable automated processes. Our remote infrastructure management, integrated operations, network operation management and hybrid Cloud services bring efficiency, scalability, and flexibility to Telecom operations as the industry witnesses business and IT transformation.

Our digital workplace solution integrates consumers, partners, and employees on one seamless platform to enhance consumer and employee delight. Our data security solutions provide protection and compliance for the industry as it increasingly embraces digital business models.


Business Intelligence

With the proliferation of smart devices and upgraded networks, Telecom providers must deal with a massive amount of data on customer behavior, preferences, movements, call center interactions, and tower logs. Big data optimization helps in driving cost efficiency and enhancing customer loyalty.

Some of our Analytics services are:

  • Network Infrastructure Management: Optimizing network data, data traffic and network performance measurement, analyzing network traffic and conducting predictive analytics
  • Market Segmentation: Identifying real-time usage patterns and proactively optimizing offerings and marketing campaigns using structured and unstructured data
  • Predicting and managing customer churn through 360-degree information about customers such as billing, customer care, call center, sensors and network usage
  • Fraud Management: Monitoring revenue streams in real-time for fraud protection and prevention of leakages
  • Building and jointly operating data labs for Telecom service providers


Business Process Transformation

Robotics-led Digital Managed Services

PrimeSophic has pioneered Robotics Process Automation (RPA) to shrink business processes and deliver digitally managed services to achieve huge gains for our customers.

  • We work closely with leading telecom companies and help in transforming and shrinking their front and back-office customer service operations and shared services.
  • We have developed a range of Telecom industry BOTs (Macro, Script, Knowledge, Rule and Cognitive) to suit the diversity and complexity of business processes to provide an assured ROI and value to our Telecom customers.
  • We have automated 30-50% of order management, revenue assurance, and billing processes for our customers, and generated huge savings through cost reductions and improved digital customer experiences.
  • Our RPA-led digital managed services combine the best of breed automation platforms, analytics, real-time dashboards, and flexible engagement models that cover end to end processes across revenue, customers and employee lifecycles.

Business Process Outsourcing

PrimeSophic has developed robust delivery models to transform Telecom back-office operations to facilitate unparalleled customer experiences for wire-line, wireless and integrated service providers. We have developed proven methodologies and process harmonization models to bring in desired efficiencies. PrimeSophic has successfully outsourced services and delivered a 30%-50% value to Integrated Telecom companies.

Some examples are:

  • Customer Acquisition – activation and welcome
  • Customer Provisioning – order activation and provisioning
  • Customer services – virtual relationship management
  • Billing
  • Helpdesks – trouble ticket resolution and complaint management
  • Churn Management – maintenance, retention, business analytics, etc.

Shared Services Outsourcing

PrimeSophic’s shared services delivery model helps in consolidating business operations, reducing cost, improving service outcomes, and delivering business value. We develop a master strategy to enable shared services implementation across Information Technology, Finance and HR functions. Our shared services model combines transactional and common processes into an integrated business unit. We provide multiple engagement options including contract, complete ownership, hybrid, and collaborative models. Shared Services Consulting services include:

  • Identifying the core and non-core Telecom processes across all functional areas
  • Developing business models and defining strategies to centralize service delivery across companies and business units
  • Assessing existing operations and identifying areas of improvement
  • Consolidating and harmonizing business processes
  • Assisting in transitioning

IT & Technology Transformation

Centralization and Consolidation

Telecom companies typically have numerous legacy backend systems in their network management, sales and product management functions, which may have been acquired or developed during the inorganic growth of the company over the years, or through business lines developed through diversification and choice of best solutions available in the past. PrimeSophic helps TSPs in centralizing and consolidating these IT and network applications, standardizing them and migrating them to a jointly developed target application framework. Consolidation helps in building a service-oriented architecture that seamlessly orchestrates between internal and external stakeholders and provides a single view of the customer, besides delivering huge operational savings due to shared resources and processes. Areas for centralization and consolidation include:

  • NOC and billing operations across operating companies
  • IT service management and service desks
  • HR and Finance systems
  • Enterprise services such as ERP

Innovation Management

As the Telecom industry catches up with the digital revolution which has impacted other industries with emerging and innovative business models, much of the innovation (outside the traditional big vendor networks) takes place at smaller companies or start-ups. PrimeSophic has created an exciting ecosystem of many such innovative companies working to create new customer experiences, analytics-led customer targeting, new digital services, industry-specific applications, network monitoring, and social networks, to name a few. PrimeSophic helps integrate these new solutions with Telecom service delivery frameworks, testing them in a controlled environment, assessing their scalability, and creating new business propositions for end consumers. This innovation management has paved the way for higher customer retention, customer satisfaction, monetization of data traffic and new revenue streams.

Digital Transformation

Digital Customer Experience – Omni-channel & BI-led Customer engagement

Our Digital Customer Experience Management (CEM) offering is targeted towards transforming customers’ interactions with Telecom companies. Our offering combines the best of web portals, mobile-based access, social media interactions and service delivery with contextual customer insights and omnichannel engagement. Telecom companies thus benefit from personalized customer interactions and improved experiences. Some of our omnichannel and BI-led strategies include:

  • Proactive omnichannel care: Proactive assisted care to enhance customer experiences
  • Social listening and targeted personalization: Improving customer experiences, increasing Net Promoter Score (NPS), and reducing customer churn based on social listening and providing customized offers based on their location, other network data and user profiles
  • Google-like search to provide instant information and analysis of customer lifecycles, as well as actionable business data to usher in speed and flexibility
  • 360-degree view of customer interactions with service representatives to provide a unified source of information
  • Creating real-time online data marketing platforms
  • Authentication through voice and biometric data
  • Integration with social media platforms

Hybrid Cloud and SaaS

PrimeSophic works as a strategic partner to help Telecom companies with consulting, implementing, migrating and managing Cloud-based IT strategies and SaaS business models. Our Cloud offerings include:

  • Public / Private Hybrid Cloud provisioning
  • Application, data and OS migration
  • Application and capacity management
  • Cloud brokerage services
  • SaaS-based billing, CRM, HR and Enterprise services

Digital Platform (API, Security, Authenticity)

  • Telecom companies are virtualizing their networks and operations and are emerging as platform providers with comprehensive management and orchestration capabilities. Our Digital Platform solution enables multiple software platforms to communicate with each other and enables APIs to deliver services through external platforms.
  • Telecom providers are attractive partners for digital enterprises to work with, due to their experience with API management of network and customer data, coupled with their ability to provide assured security and authenticity to their consumers. They are emerging as digital enablers for OTT service providers and other application providers in the Finance, Retail, Health, and Travel verticals, among others. Hexaware enables Telecom companies to offer an extendable product catalog, open their API platform, and develop policy-driven business strategies to create and monetize digital platforms in partnership with content and application partners.

New Digital Business – Music, IP TV, E-Commerce, Content

  • As digitization reshapes the industry landscape, telecom companies are undergoing massive disruptions from over the top (OTT) players, with a direct challenge to their voice, messaging, and data revenues. Many telecom companies are looking at digitalization as an opportunity to reimagine their business systems, create innovative digital offerings, and enter other digital arenas for more growth opportunities.
  • Telecom firms are developing partnerships with music, media, financial services, retail services, utilities and other consumer facing industries to offer new products and services to leverage their customer base. Hexaware helps Telecom providers pursue these adjacent business opportunities by integrating their systems and processes, to emerge as multiservice vendors. We help them minimize the cost of delivery through low-touch processes and automation, in addition to building and supporting essential digital capabilities such as e-commerce platforms and partnerships, while revamping legacy IT systems and storage capabilities.

IoT platform

  • The decline of revenues in core markets due to digital disruption offers IoT as a big opportunity for Telecom firms to get into value chains including healthcare, insurance, automotive, smart cities, and other growing sectors. Telecom service providers play a pivotal role in seamlessly interfacing between sensors, analytics engines, industry specific applications, devices, network platforms, backend legacy systems and unstructured external data.
  • PrimeSophic, with its unique expertise in integrating various ERP systems, business process solutions, and partner ecosystems, takes care of complex IT integration aspects, allowing our Telecom clients to focus on their core IoT business model.
  • This involves moving beyond SIM solutions and being a communication provider to leverage big data analysis, drive innovation, work with device manufacturers, and promote the creation of specific industry solutions.

Product Engineering Services

New Product Development and Management

PrimeSophic provides Product Engineering services for network equipment manufacturers and independent software providers. We are uniquely positioned to help Telecom companies in their product development initiatives. PrimeSophic gets involved right from consulting on product architecture and design to development, launch, and maintenance.

Servicing an extensive customer base of Telecom companies across the world, PrimeSophic provides unique solutions that cover the spectrum of network infrastructure, including Access, CPE, Core, and Transport networks.

Our Product Engineering Solutions include:

  • Product Architecture: Product roadmap planning
  • Design Services: Product and hardware design and system architecture
  • Embedded Software Development: Embedded system development and feature development
  • Quality Assurance: Functional testing, regression testing and test automation
  • Product Support: Level 1 and Level 2 support, and value engineering

Product Engineering Lifecycle (E2E)

Our product lifecycle services help network equipment vendors to launch new products at reduced costs through:

  • Product design
  • Product Development
  • E2E Testing

Deployment and sustenance

PrimeSophic is adept in the newest technologies such as Long-Term Evolution (LTE) and e2e Test Automation. We work across every stage of the network lifecycle, from planning and development, to system upgrades and decommissioning. PrimeSophic provides Level 2 and Level 3 support for wireless networking products, as well as remote management and lab support to reduce time to market and minimize development costs.

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